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Zhuhai Chenghuifeng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Unique Geographic Location

Zhuhai Chenghuifeng Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuhai, which is situated in the southwest part of the Pearl River Estuary and derives its name from the fact that the Pearl River flows into the South China Sea. Zhuhai is located in the southeastern part of Guangdong Province, on the west bank of the Pearl River Estuary, adjacent to the South China Sea. It is 36 nautical miles away from Hong Kong by sea in the east, connected to Macau by land in the south, and borders Jiangmen in the west and Zhongshan in the north. It has eight first-class national ports, including Gongbei, Jiuzhou, Zhuhai Port, Wanshan, Hengqin, Doumen, Wanzi, and Cross-border Industrial Zone. It is the second largest port city in China after Shenzhen and has been an important gateway for China's foreign trade since ancient times.

Zhuhai Chenghuifeng Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., together with Haiyuan Aquatic Technology Co., Ltd., spans the traditional agricultural towns of Zhuhai: Baijiao Town and Pingsha Town (formerly the largest overseas Chinese farm in China). This area is not only an important source of vegetables for Zhuhai but also undertakes the responsibility of supplying agricultural products to Hong Kong and Macau. Therefore, there are no industrial areas in the vicinity, ensuring a natural and pristine farming environment. The driving distance from the company to the surrounding aquaculture bases is less than 20 minutes. The proximity of numerous variety-specific farming bases to the processing factory is unparalleled in the country. Zhuhai's unique climatic conditions ensure that aquaculture can be conducted year-round, ensuring the long-term stability of the company's raw materials. Local farmers have abundant farming experience, and standardized scientific farming practices ensure product safety and traceability. The advantage of short transportation distances from the farming bases reliably guarantees the freshness of the seafood upon arrival at the factory, ensuring that all products are processed in a fresh state, scientifically ensuring the high quality of the final products. The abundant variety of raw material resources provides strong support for the company's product diversification and long-term market competitiveness.