Liquid nitrogen is an ultra-low temperature refrigerant, the temperature of liquid nitrogen can reach -196 °C. When it is vaporized after contact
with food, it can take away heat faster. Ultra-low temperature and high heat exchange rate realize real rapid freezing, which can be completed
in 5-30 minutes. Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing can make aquatic products freeze quickly, and form evenly distributed fine crystals in aquatic
products, which greatly reduces the damage degree to the organizational structure and maintains the quality of aquatic products. After thawing,
aquatic products can basically maintain the original color, fragrance, taste, and even taste better, and can play a role in sterilization.

Zhuhai local aquaculture area of more than 400,000 mu, the average temperature is 22.4°C, the unique climate conditions to ensure that a
variety of aquatic products can be raised throughout the year. Not only is rich in local traditional breeding: Bai Jiao sea envy (seven stars jealous
fish), South America white shrimp, tilapia (wu guo fish), and in recent years the emerging varieties such as crack gold mesh (blind) cao, red
drum (the red fish), purple flute sole friends (red fish), gold sole (yellow sole), yellowfin (yellow feet) high value-added products is also in the
local. According to incomplete statistics, in addition to traditional varieties Haiwu, South American white prawns and tilapia, the production of
new varieties such as Jinmulan Lu and American red fish has also jumped to the top in the Pearl River Delta, accounting for more than 60% of
the national breeding scale. Variety diversification for enterprises to enhance competitiveness, to resist the market risk laid the foundation.

Monitoring of Product Storage and Transportation:

To ensure the safety of products during storage and transportation, the company regularly monitors the storage environment and temperature of the cold storage. The temperature settings for both the cold storage and refrigerated containers used for transportation must not exceed -20 degrees Celsius. All container shipping companies and shipping companies must undergo strict audits by Arctic Premium Aquaculture Co., Ltd. and be approved and sign a quality assurance contract before becoming our partners. The company conducts annual certifications of its partners to ensure compliance with our requirements.

Product Supply Chain Traceability Management System:

Our commitment to quality assurance goes beyond the aforementioned aspects, and being accountable to the end consumers is the ultimate goal of Arctic Premium Aquaculture Co., Ltd. We recognize that an effective product supply chain traceability management system can deepen the end consumers' understanding and trust in our quality system. Therefore, Arctic Premium Aquaculture Co., Ltd. has established an internal product batch management system, effectively establishing a product supply chain traceability management system. Within 30 minutes of receiving the product batch number provided by the customer, our company confirms the specific source of the product - the aquaculture pond, providing a true reflection of the traceability of the finished product on the shelf.