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China's State Council Counsellor, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development visited Chengfeng Youpin Park for investigation and research
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On September 15, 2023, Yu Kangzhen, a counselor to the State Council and former Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, led a delegation to visit the premium production base of Zhuhai Chenghuifeng Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd. and the Baijiao Sea Bass Theme Pavilion for research and inspection.

The focus of this research visit was on the development of Baijiao sea bass and pre-made food industries. The aim was to gain in-depth insights into the basic situation, successful experiences, challenges, and difficulties in these two crucial sectors and to propose effective strategies and recommendations.

Accompanying the delegation were senior officials from the Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the People's Government Counselor's Office, the Zhuhai Agricultural and Rural Bureau, the People's Government of Doumen District, and the Doumen Eco-Garden Management Committee, among others.

In the company of Chenghuifeng Group Chairman Lin Hanbo and other leaders, the delegation toured the Baijiao Sea Bass Theme Pavilion and the Chenghuifeng Premium Production Base.

The research team was briefed on the development strategy, technological innovation, and the overall value chain development of Baijiao sea bass. They also got a detailed understanding of the progress in sea bass farming and deep processing of aquatic products.

The research team highly appreciated the development model of the full value chain for Baijiao sea bass, the efforts in prefabricated vegetable industrial park construction, and the achievements in the prefabricated vegetable sector. 

Yu Kangzhen stated that he has been closely following the development of agricultural enterprises for a long time and that Zhuhai Chenghuifeng Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd. has fully leveraged the "Baijiao sea bass" brand, utilizing its full value chain resource advantages, actively promoting the development of the prefabricated vegetable industry, expanding the market share of prefabricated vegetables, and contributing significantly to agricultural development and rural revitalization.

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